​MapleStory M Potential Rank Jul-14-2019

The next aspect to accessory at is the Potential rank.

It can be absolutely cher to rank up the abeyant on your accessory and get the abeyant stats that you want.

There are 3 types of cubes available:

1, Occult cube – acclimated for cubing attenuate to ballsy potential, these can be acquired by either extracting your abortive or low ranked accessories or purchasing them from the Gold Leaf store.

2, Red cube – acclimated for cubing attenuate – to altered potential, these can be acquired at the banknote boutique for 25 crystals. It is not currently accessible to get it as a circadian accolade from brotherhood appearance as there are no guilds at a top abundant akin to abode 48 members.

3, Black cube – agnate to red cubes except that you are accustomed the advantage to accept if you wish the new stats or accumulate to the old stats.

When application the cubes, there is a baby adventitious that the abeyant rank will go up. You can blow assured, back the application on the 3rd of July, the rank will never go down.