​MapleStory M Equipment Level Jul-14-2019

The endure aspect to accessory at is the akin of the equipment. The max level, afore a weapon can rank up are:

Normal – 5

Rare: 10

Epic: 15

Unique: 20

Legendary: 25

It costs crumb and MapleStory M mesos to akin up your equipment. A tip actuality is if leveling up your gear, don't accouter it so bound as it will become untradeable. Accomplish use of Mr Kim the accumulator babysitter and alteration it to your added characters to use their crumb to akin up or rank up your accessories as crumb and stars are untradeable. If you wish to accomplish your weapon tradeable again, you will accept to acquirement Scissors of Karma. The one in the Gold Leaf abundance is for accepted to ballsy rank whilst the one in the banknote boutique is for altered rank and up.

When leveling up accessories and application lower ranked capacity such as accustomed or attenuate powder, it will bulk added money and accommodate beneath acquaintance as against to application college ranked powders or equipment.